Mohammed Votes 2015: An Election Story

An election report from Gaspe, honouring the important work on promoting Free Speech, & battling Sharia, being done by folks like Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Bosch Fawstin, Steven Crowder, Ayaan, as well as the much greater number who’ve laid down their lives to defend us against this enemy.

Mohammed votes! Continue reading

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Fighting Fire with Liar?

warrenbutts.jpg large

An unusual twist in what’s appearing to be a dishonest and contrived campaign by (possibly by a “senior adviser” within) the office of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. We’re now learning that not only was the “ban” in place against Sun News before the incident, by months, but that the aggrieved party wasn’t Justin Trudeau or any member of his family, but Gerald Butts. Continue reading

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Why it’s impossible to say things with Russia will be alright; and what Canada can do to help!

Charles Adler is asking an important question about Russia and the Ukraine today.

“Ukraine’s defence minister warned to be prepared for a “great war” with Russia but Moscow claims they want a peaceful solution to the conflict. Charles talks to a defence expert about the Ukraine crisis and its impact on the region. Do you think this will become a larger conflict?”

Charles’ question got me thinking about the situation through the lens of a country like Canada. Continue reading

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With Big Media in Canada it’s not “who you know” it’s “who you blow… up”

who you blow up

Does anyone really believe that Canada’s Media Party would be pretending to occupy the middle ground and giving Stephen Harper a Free Pass for visiting a church that tried to recruit abortion bombers back in the 1980, let alone the 1990s? I can’t see the Conservative Leader getting the same leaway as has been afforded to the Leader of the Liberal Party.

So far we’ve had Jon Kay, from the supposedly center-right National Post, basically accusing Sun News Network of racism for breaking this story. The hypocrisy is too thick to fathom.

Congratulations Sun, on exposing the rot inside the self-proclaimed, balanced, MSM here in Canada! It might even be a bigger story than Justin Trudeau’s enamourment with politically-overbearing religious conservatives.

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Do Drs. Michael Mann & James Hansen have a Koch Problem?


No two climate scientists are as known for playing politics and activism, and throwing stones, as much as former NASA Director Dr. James Hansen and Penn State’s Dr. Michael E. Mann. But, being the sausage factory that politics is, it’s inevitable that people like this will eventually compromise their principles.

As they carry, and often wield as a political weapon, the mantle of scientific authority while engaged in their activist pursuits it comes at the risk of raising fair questions regarding their own motivations. Unfortunately and unfairly, this will also raise suspicions and cynicism about other scientists in their field, in the broader scientific community, and the great many more people examining and bringing forth policy options. Continue reading

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Is Barack Obama a Climate Science “Denier”*?

An esteemed friend and I recently had a discussion on whether or not I was a “Global Warming Denier”. That said, I am pretty sure that we decided that I’m not such a Boogieman as I embrace the IPCC consensus on climate change, despite my opposition and apprehensions regarding the certainty on the risks and policy positions.

Many people have read about infamous Cook et al. 2013 “97%” paper. The study concluded that 97% of climate science papers examined support that climate is changing, and that human activity accounts to half or better of the observed warming. Continue reading

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Guardian Hypocrisy: Champions Snowden while censoring those seeking to end “Climate Wars”

guardian 2 face

There’s nothing like the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

The Guardian, has sunk to a new low. The paper that claims to fight for freedom and champions the cause of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden while raining hell fire down on America’s ‘lapdog media’ isn’t so enamoured with free speech.

Yesterday’s Guardian saw yet another outburst of climate activism trumping real discussion by climate scientists, to the point of censorship. It started with an article by resident activist-columnist Dana Nuccitelli and ended shortly after with the deletion of questions relevant to his activism and fairness. Continue reading

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The Stars of Climate Science

I started noticing the ‘stars’ of the climate debate, the dubious ‘Climate Rock Stars’ – no not China. But those in and about the debate, usually professionals and with the sometimes exception of Mark Morano, almost entirely advocating on the side screaming, threatening and bullying for ‘immediate action’ in the face of ‘clear and present DANGER!!!’

That’s not climate science, that’s advocacy. And if you think the climate has gotten warmer check out the climate debate itself. At this rate there is a very real danger the climate debate itself will become The Greatest contributor to planetary warming that our planet has seen in billions of year, maybe as early as 2050!!! We must act now, the tip jar is coming … Donate soon and donate often! Millions of children hang in the balance.. or something. Continue reading

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T.O. climate hack Easterbrook draws scorn in Twitter attack on climate scientist Tamsin Edwards. Gaspe Broken-Record – Now Climate Scientist Approved! ;-)

tamsin edwards

“Dangerously naive”

It didn’t take long for the enforcers of climate alarmism to pounce Dr. Tamsin Edwards following the publication of this excellent article in London’s, The Guardian newspaper Climate scientists must not advocate particular policies. Today it was none other than notably derided Toronto climate mouthpiece Steve Easterbrook. Continue reading

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Canadian troubadour Stompin’ Tom Connors dead at 77

Stompin’ Tom Connors is dead. Initial reports indicate natural causes, he was 77.

An icon, legend, inspiration, patriot, champion and part of the fabric of this nation. A fabric, that it seems, Canada has so much trouble looking back at with admiration anymore. There aren’t enough words to describe Stompin’ Tom Connors or the mark he’s left on Canada

The news came down the pipe to Gaspe Broken-Record through Twitter from Stephane Giroux. Steph’s best known for his reporting on CTV in Montreal but to many Gaspesians it would seem like just yesterday that Stephane was our very own ear and eye on the world at SPEC and later Radio-Canada in Gaspé.

Continue reading

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