Toronto mayor Rob Ford to remain in power: Appeals court dismisses case

Rob Ford will continue his term as term as mayor of Canada’s largest city following today’s Divisional Court decision overturning a lower court ruling and dismissing the conflict of interest case that would have stripped him of the mayoralty.

According to the Overview section of the 19 page ruling the panel of three judges exlpained that their acceptance of the appeal in the case stemmed from what was determined to be an error on part Justice Charles Hackland in his determining that mayor Ford had violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

The complaint, presented by lawyer Clayton Ruby on behalf of his client and Toronto resident Paul Magder, focussed on the legality of mayor Ford speaking on behalf of himself and taking part in a city council vote on whether or not he should reimburse the city for $3,150 he’d solicited for a charity for underprivileged youth that he had solicited using city letterhead.

The justices found that in raising the issue for debate, and then when voting on it, Toronto city council were acting beyond their own legal limits and the process was null.

“Therefore, the appeal is allowed, the judgement of the application judge is set aside and the application under the MCIA is dismissed.”


Read Mayor Rob Ford’s Appeal Ruling on Scribd

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