On open letter to Premier Marois: Turn down the heat


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Two days ago news broke of the release of a report by the Estates-General on Quebec Sovereignty that starts off by accusing Canada of “soft ethnocide” on french speaking populations. Partially funded by the Parti Quebecois, the E-G seeks to outline federal-provincial issues that are holding Quebec back and to promote interest in the sovereignty question.

The wisdom and need behind such a report is doubted by many. Most people would consider it an absolute waste and a distraction from the real problems facing Quebec that the present PQ government should be focussed on. Quebec requires discussions on problems like the economy, a shortage of real jobs, government waste, corruption, union unrest and how to provide the newest and best oversight of oil and gas development in the world. That is, without having municipalities insert themselves as yet another rent-seeking, over-ambitious level of government to placate when livelihoods are on the line. Instead, we got an offical PQ-sanctioned accusation of a crime against humanity.

It was with great sadness and horror that the world witnessed the attempted assassination of Ms. Marois on a night that was supposed to be meaningful to her and all Quebecers, being that she would become our first female Premier. That night a man died on the floor of Club Metropolis. This man, Denis Blanchette, did nothing more than come between the gunman and the Premier-elect the attacker wanted to destroy. That’s not how democracy works and it’s not how civilized people work either. As the following hours and days revealed more of the facts and the shooter, we came to understand that this was the work of a madman named Richard Henry Bain.

All sane people disavow Bain. So, I call upon you, Ms. Marois, on behalf of these caring Quebec peoples, to disavow this report. It is a mockery of the lives already and senselessly lost to this debate. It is also a mockery of hard-working Quebecers whose concerns lie with their families and communities and having enough money to pay the bills after the governments and unions devour so much of their income.

In the name of the late Denis Blanchette and those who died before him, send this report back to where it came with a ‘Non, merci”. The language of this report is inflammatory and the content politically spun beyond any semblance of reality. There are a lot of issues that Quebec could raise but when the debate descends into shit (and there is NO other word for it) like “The anglos are waking up” and accusations of “ethnocide” we are helping nobody.

These comments make us regret, as well as hope and pray/wish that no more madmen are listening. They are a deliberate and inherently reckless attempt to distort the realities faced by modern Quebec. They deliberately invoke comparisons to war crimes and murder in an attempt to create a ‘conversation’ about a cause that is dear to you, Ms. Marois. Just like, and underlined by, Richard Bain’s rantings and disregard for life, this report is unworthy of official sanction of any self-respecting Quebecer or party.

Add to Mr. Blanchette’s name, the names of those others whose blood has been shed before in this ‘debate’ and of those whose tears continue to flow for it. Reject the language and accusations put forth in this report as being relevant to this Quebec.

I know M. Bouchard paid a high political price for doing the right thing as often as he did, but that was a testament to his conviction and values as well as his strength as a leader. (I can’t write this without thinking of AFN Grand-Chief Shawn Atleo’s challenges lately, either.)

Ms. Marois, Quebecers could use a little courage here right now.

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