Delingpole of Friday: An unHappy Warrior ponders a disturbing question

Do I have it coming?

The Telegraph’s James Delingpole has been contemplating Happy Warriors, as well as his own unhappiness about the state of free speech and the mainstreaming of the mentality of those that attack it.

After the Theo Van Gogh killing I was talking to an old flame of mine from my Oxford days – lovely girl, apolitical, not a malicious bone in her body – about the incident. She’d been living in Amsterdam for a few years so I was interested to hear her take on it. And what she said shocked me almost more than the killing itself.

“Oh you don’t understand,” said my lovely, sweet friend. “What you have to realise is that Theo Van Gogh was a provocateur. He was constantly saying outrageous things and looking for trouble.” In other words, the bastard deserved it; invited it.

Did he? Did he really? Did Theo Van Gogh really deserve to be shot eight times in the street with an HS 2000 handgun, semi-decapitated with one knife, stabbed in the chest with another, then have both knives stuck in his body with a five page note attached?

There’s a lot more to it than that, but it addresses the dangers and society’s complacency about such actions. Well worth the read.

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