weighs three visions on the SOTU and, rightly, avoids mentioning Chris Christie

Last night we got a taste of Obama, Rubio and Paul addressing the state of America. I have to hand it to the Republican voices for having the most substance.
Reason SOTU Paul Rubio’s J.D. Tuccille did a good re-cap of the statements by all three in this article ‘Three State of the Union Visions: Obama, Rubio and Paul

If you wanted a menu of political options for America’s political future, you got them last night. President Obama put forward a vision — not the red-beret, full-on lefty vision of which he’s often accused — but of a Borg-ish, collectivist country in which the word “we” is used a lot, and “we” tirelessly meddle in the affairs of other nations, among other things, under the command of a very powerful executive. The stark contrast was provided, not by the official Republican response delivered by a parched Sen. Marco Rubio, but by Sen. Rand Paul. He laid out a full-throated defense of individualism, small government, free markets and civil liberties. Rubio … His response was cheeriness, a weak nod to capitalism, But … hooray for Medicare!

Check out the whole article where the three are compared point by point. We’re going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in the coming years. Compared to what is on tap at the White House today 2016 things are looking promising for Republicans and America.

Despite Reason’s and my own favouring of Rand Paul I have to say that either choice tops Hillary Clinton, let alone Chris Christie – a RINO if ever there was one .

Having seen him operate during the last election, I don’t wonder just a little bit if the Christie backstabbing was motivated by insuring there would no Republican incumbent to face in 2016. Here’s hoping his party recognizes the treacherous conflict of interest he was in while he was drooling all over Obama in the dying days of the last campaign.

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