The biggest push against guns in American history all about stopping 323 out 12,664 murders

(Political Cartoon by Glenn McCoy, posted on

That it folks. Enough political capital to put humans on Mars, not to mention the thrashing of the rights of law-abiding gun owners. According to report by Breitbart News’ Twice as Many Murders with Hands and Feet as ‘Assault Rifles’ and New York Times, citing the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.

“So-called assault rifles were used in just 323 murders – about one-fifth of knife murders, and one half of bodily appendage murders.”

Amazing, a massive attack against law-abiding citizens and the Constitution simply to create a false sense of security.

Canadians well remember this effect from our days living under the disastrous boondoggle of a gun registry system we enjoyed thanks to the Liberal Party of Canada. At the time the notion that of registry was, admittedly, to discourage gun ownership by law-abiding Canadians by making the process too onerous and invasive for any sane human being to want to partake in.

The result was not only that Canadians refused to register millions of firearms or that millions of people were essentially criminalized overnight, it was that millions of over Canadians believed the attack on liberty and that the streets had been made safer. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Maybe next for his President Obama will ban hands and feet.

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