The Stars of Climate Science

I started noticing the ‘stars’ of the climate debate, the dubious ‘Climate Rock Stars’ – no not China. But those in and about the debate, usually professionals and with the sometimes exception of Mark Morano, almost entirely advocating on the side screaming, threatening and bullying for ‘immediate action’ in the face of ‘clear and present DANGER!!!’

That’s not climate science, that’s advocacy. And if you think the climate has gotten warmer check out the climate debate itself. At this rate there is a very real danger the climate debate itself will become The Greatest contributor to planetary warming that our planet has seen in billions of year, maybe as early as 2050!!! We must act now, the tip jar is coming … Donate soon and donate often! Millions of children hang in the balance.. or something.

But who really are some of the ‘stars’ of Climate Science itself? That got me thinking about Stars.

My astronomical observations on climate. No doubt with more to come. Afterall, there’s a whole universe in this CRAZY world called the climate debate.


Judith Curry: Red Giant
Following a warm and thoughtful growth up from Yellow Dwarf this star has begun her transition. She’s recently decided that she has had her fill of hydrogen and she’s made her bid. She will be rising brightly in her corner of the sky for a good long time. Her brightness has reduced the apparent magnitude of many of the more typical stars around her. She sits in Libra, over the centre of the scales. Her rays nurture all manner of life, some capable of great Adaptation

James Hansen: Red Hypergiant.
This star was one of the first Supergiants back in his day and boy was he Blue. He is nearing the end of his Hypergiant phase and has become amorphous and swollen. He surges and lashes out in all directions and is now deeply Livid and Hyper. He fears for his planets and moons and the solar Storms of His Grandchildren. His eventual supernova is expected to bombard Earth, despite how far he sits from us. Impacts could include throwing open windows and shutting down everything from air conditioners to Death Trains around the world.

Tamsin Edwards: Undetermined. Perhaps a Variable or Binary Star, it’s still too early to say.
Cool and bright, hers is actually one of the nearest newly discovered systems to us. In coming years people will look to her to lead them through the night. She’ll do this, but only by following her own course where it takes her. She was once part of a larger system of stars, but they have drifted away from her and their purpose.

Gavin Schmidt: This Binary System shines bright and fierce. One part a great and brilliant Supergiant named “-g” the other a black hole named Advocacy. This system has tremendous mass and gravity making it extremely compelling. -g is very strong, but the black hole is stronger and stretches him untenably on policy. Recent outburst leave his direction appearing Nebulous. His primary grows every day, feeding the singularity in turn. While feeding the black hole is known to violently discharge all sorts of masses of policy goggledygook that can only exist beyond a fraction of a second inside a black hole.

Michael Mann: The Shooting Star. Not a star at all, just tries to look like one.
It burns its way across the edge of the atmosphere again and again spitting fire, wrath and noise. Often visible in mid-winter beneath the constellation of the The Broken Hockey Stick as if trying to rejoin the pieces. If you turn your head and look Upside Down’ you can see him whiz by Tiljander. His eventual fall to Earth is expected to be somewhere in the Bristlecone forests of Russia.

And here, to either make them grin or burn a littler brighter tonight. From the far flung other extreme of the debate and BIG fans of Michael Mann. Minnesotans For Global Warming, 3 Below Honey. Going out to all the climate scientists still combing the skies for that great ‘apparatus’ of skeptics that doesn’t believe in radiative physics and to all those that discovered it doesn’t exist.

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