With Big Media in Canada it’s not “who you know” it’s “who you blow… up”

who you blow up

Does anyone really believe that Canada’s Media Party would be pretending to occupy the middle ground and giving Stephen Harper a Free Pass for visiting a church that tried to recruit abortion bombers back in the 1980, let alone the 1990s? I can’t see the Conservative Leader getting the same leaway as has been afforded to the Leader of the Liberal Party.

So far we’ve had Jon Kay, from the supposedly center-right National Post, basically accusing Sun News Network of racism for breaking this story. The hypocrisy is too thick to fathom.

Congratulations Sun, on exposing the rot inside the self-proclaimed, balanced, MSM here in Canada! It might even be a bigger story than Justin Trudeau’s enamourment with politically-overbearing religious conservatives.

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