Why it’s impossible to say things with Russia will be alright; and what Canada can do to help!

Charles Adler is asking an important question about Russia and the Ukraine today.

“Ukraine’s defence minister warned to be prepared for a “great war” with Russia but Moscow claims they want a peaceful solution to the conflict. Charles talks to a defence expert about the Ukraine crisis and its impact on the region. Do you think this will become a larger conflict?”

Charles’ question got me thinking about the situation through the lens of a country like Canada.

Over and over again, Putin has proved a willingness to feign diplomacy for military gain/advantage. From the attempt to aid Gaddifi in leveling Benghazi and killing everyone therein, like previous targets. Something Putin was only able to do in Grozny by murdering off the Moscow press corp. To Crimea and more recently in the rest of Ukraine.

Anything can happen here. Including a diplomatic compromise… Possibly in Crimea, possibly in re-occupied Ukraine or Poland. No GOOD lies ahead, only the hopes on the fewest losses – As the losses have already begun.

The West can’t simply ‘allow’ Russia to re-conquer and occupy Eastern Europe and not get its hands dirty. Hopefully (there’s plenty of reason to be hopeful) Russia’s real intent is NOT to drag us into a real war, because doing so is not impossible.

An Idea to Avert Pessimism

The only win for Canada and The West, is FRACKING and building LNG export capacity/infrastructure to get lazy, green, Europe off of the New Russian Empire’s natural gas teat and onto ours. Germany is trying replace Russian gas and co2-FREE nuclear with coal right now!!!

If we could get over the politicized, anti-science about hydraulic fracturing; the constantly researched and never-materialized risks, and let Canada play her advantage on the free-market we can help Europe! We can help them with resist a tyrant’s threats to their freedoms, wealth and social systems – even their means to do good in the world. By off-setting their need to burn into their reserves of coal and other higher co2 intensive forms of fuels, renewable and otherwise, it can help them REDUCE their long-term carbon emissions.

Finally, it would mean a lot of jobs and money for eastern Canada.

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