Fighting Fire with Liar?

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An unusual twist in what’s appearing to be a dishonest and contrived campaign by (possibly by a “senior adviser” within) the office of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. We’re now learning that not only was the “ban” in place against Sun News before the incident, by months, but that the aggrieved party wasn’t Justin Trudeau or any member of his family, but Gerald Butts.

Yesterday, Liberal bad boy, Warren Kinsella blogged on how when last Christmas he called Justin Trudeau’s office to discuss a possible interview. That was about 9 months before the contrived “ban” Justin’s office is claiming he placed on taking questions from Sun and is currently blaming on Ezra Levant.

The senior advisor laughed. Not a chance, he said. Why, I asked. “Because,” he said, “Ezra Levant put my name on a list of the most dangerous people in Canada.”

Being too Gaspesian to leave well enough alone, Guido had to ask Warren; Was That “senior adviser” Justin’s resident eco-fascist, Gerald Butts, and was his thin skin the main reason behind the refusal?

The answer left a sizable chunk of the Twittersphere hopping,

h/t Mike Hansen for the image.

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