Let’s start this off by welcoming you to The Gaspe Broken-Record, a news and current events forum with asides of creative content all from the Broken-Record team and, hopefully readers who would be interested sharing. We’ll be hashing out format over the next few days. Any input from fellow netizens, Canadians in general and of course Gaspesians is welcome, feel free to comment.

Comment guidelines will start out simple. Profanity, personal and discriminatory attacks will not be tolerated and will lead to comment deletion and future moderation and/or outright comment banning for the offending poster. That being said, we DO want a freewheeling discussion and encourage everyone to post their thoughts.

Why? The reason we’re hoping for spirited discussions is because we will be exploring a lot of issues and we’re going to be tackling from angles you won’t necessarily see reflected in the mainstream media. Gaspe Broken-Record and its team aren’t subject to the winds of economics like the commercial media is so we aren’t driving for a consensus or ‘pleasing’ a large an audience as possible.

Often, we’ll be challenging the majority, challenging fabricated ‘truths’ and challenging what other media would tell us is good for us. Once we’re done challenging them, and learning from each other – GB-R and you both – perhaps we’ll have a deeper and fuller understanding of the issues facing Gaspesians, Canadians and the world.


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  1. Derek Patterson says:

    I am thrilled at finding your site, particlularly as a former Gaspesian (born in Murdochville and my parents were born in Gaspe). Great stuff here! Very refreshing. I will be sure to mention you to my many relaitives.

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