The biggest push against guns in American history all about stopping 323 out 12,664 murders

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That it folks. Enough political capital to put humans on Mars, not to mention the thrashing of the rights of law-abiding gun owners. According to report by Breitbart News’ Twice as Many Murders with Hands and Feet as ‘Assault Rifles’ and New York Times, citing the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.

“So-called assault rifles were used in just 323 murders – about one-fifth of knife murders, and one half of bodily appendage murders.”

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Florida clips wings of “snow birds” and other foreign drivers

UPDATE: It seems Florida is having some second thoughts and will be delaying their demands for UN IDP licensing. This from the Montreal Gazette
“Florida backtracks on licence requirement
Earlier, non-U.S. residents visiting Florida were told they must carry an international driver’s permit
By Anne Sutherland, THE GAZETTE”
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rotten orange1

National Post is reporting that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has put the 4.5 billion dollar snow bird (Canadians who fly south) tourism sector on notice. From now on, all foreign drivers will be required to produce an International Driving Permit if they wish to operate a motor vehicle in the state. Continue reading

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Last night we got a taste of Obama, Rubio and Paul addressing the state of America. I have to hand it to the Republican voices for having the most substance.
Reason SOTU Paul Rubio’s J.D. Tuccille did a good re-cap of the statements by all three in this article ‘Three State of the Union Visions: Obama, Rubio and PaulContinue reading

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SOTU: Obama: ‘The economy is f***ed, so please have some ‘Victim Porn’.’


During last night’s State of the Union address President Obama came through much as expected. Most revealing was that part of the sermon where he focused on the economy. Essentially, we got a rehash of insistences that record increases to record deficits on record debts were the only way to save the US economy and the notion that insane public spending made taxation against job creators a moral imperative. So on the economy, the President is essentially admitting that the US is fucked.

Notwithstanding his fantasies of a utopian re-imagining of a Soviet-style concept of economic ‘management’ (read interference by the state, confiscation/nationalization of investments and ideas, limitations on consumer choice and crony capitalism as the key economic drivers until the whole things collapses in on itself like a burning shack in the California mountains), this CEO is essentially shouting that the solution to the disease is to kill the patient.

Victim Porn. Yeah, I’m saying it – it’s kind of like Climate Porn (i.e. global warming causes asteroids to fall from the sky, town hammered by showers as rainbows rip through the town square) and a distant cousin of the more benign Food Porn (food shows that skip right over the cooking).

Having seen it so often here, during the Liberal run to impose gun control in the years following the terrible tragedy at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal I’m not surprised. I have no trouble calling it despicable. And it’s sick for all the same reasons in the USA today as it was here throughout most of the 90s, except that in Canada it also hid behind the crazy notion of collective male guilt and violence in its attempts to muzzle valid arguments.

Obama has been using the families of the shooting victims shamelessly. If the arguments were honest, it could be justified. But, like stage props, children and families seem to appear at every major Obama event at ‘gun-control time’. We never hear a word from the families insisting on armed protection for their kids – a couple from Sandy Hook, that I am aware of and millions more nationwide. Never a word in the mainstream press about how very few of all the kids getting murdered in the USA, largely to handguns in ‘gun-free’ states or cities, that this legislation is aimed at protecting.

But if anybody disagrees with these policies that offer so little remedy to the actual problems, then that person surely hates children and want them to die. Never mind that the policies overlook issues like gang violence among and within ‘politically sensitive’ communities which account for the VAST majority of gun deaths. It’s utter bullshit and not only makes light of the those victims who it wouldn’t have helped and it tries to slime anyone who disagrees as heartless of dangerous as a means to try and ‘shoot the messenger’ when their lies are challenged.

So yes, as odious as ‘victim porn’ might sound, that is what Obama is engaged in, as surely as we saw it done here in Canada. It’s ghoulish and only qualifies as ‘soft core’ because it could be worse. He could be out there with a shovel digging up the victims to hide his hopeless policies behind.

Anybody who insists that anyone who disagrees with their flawed policies is uncaring, heartless, inhuman, bigoted, hates women, and/or any of these other asinine accusations, is a liar and a slanderer. This is cheap trade on the backs of those causes and people. That they have the audacity to hurl these accusations of ‘hate’ on behalf of the victims only proves who the real haters are and the complicity of the mainstream media in demonizing people as they pretend to define the middle ground.

The Union has had better days, folks.

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Ben Shapiro takes on the Bullies and wants to show us how we can too

It’s hard not to think of the fallen Warriors, Happy and otherwise, in the weeks leading up to the 1st Anniversary of the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

I’m going to be talking more about Andrew in the coming weeks. As well, Andrew’s friend and pupil Ben Shapiro and his new book “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” which he has dedicated to Breitbart.

It’s a great read so far, and I’m glad to have discovered the book and also this lecture that Ben gives on it. Almost all the sickest and sleaziest examples he gives of bullying are VERY MUCH a part of the discourse in Canada. I’ll be along with a full review when I get through it. In the meantime here’s that lecture.

(Displaying from:

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Delingpole of Friday: An unHappy Warrior ponders a disturbing question

Do I have it coming?

The Telegraph’s James Delingpole has been contemplating Happy Warriors, as well as his own unhappiness about the state of free speech and the mainstreaming of the mentality of those that attack it.

After the Theo Van Gogh killing I was talking to an old flame of mine from my Oxford days – lovely girl, apolitical, not a malicious bone in her body – about the incident. She’d been living in Amsterdam for a few years so I was interested to hear her take on it. And what she said shocked me almost more than the killing itself.

“Oh you don’t understand,” said my lovely, sweet friend. “What you have to realise is that Theo Van Gogh was a provocateur. He was constantly saying outrageous things and looking for trouble.” In other words, the bastard deserved it; invited it.

Did he? Did he really? Did Theo Van Gogh really deserve to be shot eight times in the street with an HS 2000 handgun, semi-decapitated with one knife, stabbed in the chest with another, then have both knives stuck in his body with a five page note attached?

There’s a lot more to it than that, but it addresses the dangers and society’s complacency about such actions. Well worth the read.

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Info: The Regroupement pour l’avancement économique de la Gaspésie/Coalition for the economic advancement of the Gaspésie

Well, here it is. The Regroupement pour l’avancement économique de la Gaspésie/Coalition for the economic advancement of the Gaspésie (translation by Google) now has a web page. make sure to check it out and pass the link, like or share along to friends who you think might support. The page also supports a link to a petition page that so far has some 347 signatures and counting on it. Check it out, it allows the option of not showing your name but that hasn’t stopped a whole lot of people of waving theirs proudly.

Here’s the initial press release for the group too. He says it well.


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On open letter to Premier Marois: Turn down the heat


(Image: Photo Pin)

Two days ago news broke of the release of a report by the Estates-General on Quebec Sovereignty that starts off by accusing Canada of “soft ethnocide” on french speaking populations. Partially funded by the Parti Quebecois, the E-G seeks to outline federal-provincial issues that are holding Quebec back and to promote interest in the sovereignty question. Continue reading

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Econ Stories: A little weekend entertainment

(Econ Stories)

This is actually round two of Econ Stories’ ‘Fight of the Century’ music video series and an excellent hook to encourage people to check out the others out there.

The stories depict the differences of opinion between the theories of macro-ec giants John Maynard Keynes and F.A Hayek. See who wins and see who gets ‘declared’ winner and you’ll understand something more about the last five years and who the real winners and losers have been. (Note who congratulates each ‘contender’ at the end). Enjoy.

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